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Willy's Kitty Angels Rescue, Inc.

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Willy's Kitty Angels Rescue, Inc. has been working in South Central Worcester County since 2005. Since our organization began, we have trapped 350 (and counting) feral and stray cats utilizing free Feral Spay Sunday Clinics to help control the cat population. Countless other cats, kittens, sick stray and feral cats have been helped by Willy's Kitty Angels Rescue, Inc.

Our work has been supported by the community and our volunteers, we do not have a specific benefactor for monetary support. On March 18th 2009, the IRS granted us 501c3 non profit status.

Willy's Kitty Angels Rescue, Inc. is dedicated to helping stray and feral cats by:

  • Utilizing TNR (trap-neuter-release) to control overpopulation
  • Placement of kittens and their moms into loving forever homes
  • Providing medical help for sick stray and feral cats
  • Educating the public on safe and humane ways to co-exist with stray and feral cats
  • Helping caretakers of cat “colonies” by providing food and support

Read on to learn all about Willy's Kitty Angel Rescue origins and why this non-profit has a mission to continue helping our community's cats and kittens. 


Chapter I

In 2003 I worked in downtown Webster near the French River. One day after work as I wasgoing to my car a beautiful long haired tortieshell cat tried to get in the car with me. A co-worker took her home, after telling me there were “lots of cats wandering around”. I couldn’t believe it, what were cats doing wandering around parking lots? I had no idea there was a stray and feral cat problem, but soon I found out just how BIG of a problem it was.

On the other side of the river, there were approximately 27 cats living, reproducing, and running around. Across the street, in parking lots, in yards, they were everywhere! Horrified by what I found, I called Animal Control. Their reaction was “Oh yes, we have a big problem with cats”. Animal Control “doesn’t do cats”, but was happy to teach me how to trap them.


Chapter II

Animal control allowed me to borrow their 3 traps and taught me how to trap, soon 3 traps wasn’t enough, I purchased 12! The French River cat colony of 27 was the first colony I trapped between 3 feral spay clinics. Everywhere I looked there were at least 10 cats, kittens, old cats, young cats. Some of them very sweet, obviously owned at one time. Where are they all coming from? Between 2005 and 2010, in the towns of Webster and Dudley 349 cats were trapped, some rehomed, most too feral and were returned to their outdoor home. Caretakers were enlisted to alert us to any newcomers and to provide food.

One Sunday a month I traveled out to Springfield to attend Dakin Pioneer Valley’s Feral Spay Sunday, my Jeep would be loaded with 12 cats. There was just one problem though: some of them weren’t feral and didn’t deserve to go back

Chapter III

No one wanted the nice cats, the closest shelter refused to help at all, so I started
to foster them and place them up for adoption, and travel to other shelters willing to help. In 2008 Willy’s applied to become a 501C3 non-profit organization, our non-profit status was granted on March 17 th 2009. Our hopes were soaring, only to be brought down by the fact: there is never enough money AND being a foster based rescue we are not eligible to obtain grant money from most grantors.

millbury bunch 010

Chapter IV

In 2010, a scuffle with the town of Dudley caused myself, my family and Willy’s  to move to a more animal friendly town. Enter PetSmart ! In 2009 Willy’s applied to become a PetSmart Adoption Partner, and we were accepted !  The end of November 2010 we moved into the Millbury Adoption Center, the rest is history! This year we will mark another milestone, we will have placed 1600 cat and kittens into forever homes since 2009.

The state wide feral cat problem has mostly been resolved due Trap, Neuter, and Return efforts state wide.

Willy’s has grown from two crazy cat ladies to a strong organization with 5 foster homes, and 15 adoption center volunteers!

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