Happy Tails
Big Mack! Big Mack has really settled in! He is loving his new family, even Leela! Mack loves to snuggle but is also very curious and loves to play. Mack enjoys exploring, climbing, and licking leftover drips in the shower. Mack quickly found his voice and meows to announce his presence and to call for us when he can't see us. We tried mixing his food with the Purina One kitten food we were going to switch him to, but he wouldn't touch it. We offered him bowls of both and he immediately went for the new food without hesitation (he will fit right in with our other snooty eaters!) Mack wanted us to bring back the food he came home with so other kitties who need it can have it! Leela and Morgan will drop it off in Northborough this afternoon. Here are a few pictures and so many heartfelt thanks for uniting us. We love Mack and he loves us! Best,

Morgan, Conor, Leela, and Mack K.

Olive! Hi Maryellen, she is awsome shes so loving. Yes we kept her name however we call her olli for short. Shes so cute and thank you again!

Jeff and Crystal

Molly and Marley! Hi Maryellen, Just wanted to let you know that Molly and Marley have transitioned very well at our home. They have explored, played, climbed, pounced on each other, napped, used the litter box, and both have had canned food, dry food, and water (even Molly has eaten well!) They have wonderfully, sweet personalities and are the most amazing purrers. Our kids adore them and can't wait for them to have full run of the house. Thank-you taking such great care of them and helping to make them a part of our family.


Rudy and Frosty! Mr. Willy Whiskers (once known as Rudy) and Ms. Lulu Lintball (once known as Frosty) are happy in their new home! They make us so happy and keep us entertained.

Heidi D.

Cooper! Cooper’s had a great week! He’s adored by all of us even our dog Rocky is enjoying his wild energy. The kids love that Cooper runs around and plays with them. He’s the best little kitty and we all love him! Thanks again for all your help.


Faith and Tara! Fast Friends.. and active playmates Frisky (AKA Faith) and Tauriel (AKA Tara)

Regards, Lisa and Frank

Kitty Kat! Great to meet you. This is "Ralphie" aka, Kitty Kat. She is doing well. "Lovey" aka Zelda is less adventuress. She tends to seek cover often and hide. We are going slow with acclamations. Roc is playing with Ralphie right now. The dog has been getting lots of love in another room so to let the kittens get used to the size of house and the humans in it. They have there own room on our first floor that they can get in and out on their own but the dog cannot get in. Although, as of this am the dog has not been loose around them. He is a real sweet dog but wants to play and I am trying not to scare the girls. Sure there will be harmony soon enough. Hope the rest of the day went well. We will stay in touch, thanks again.


Kitten Update! The sisters are adjusting very well.... starting to venture down stairs ... They also love to play with the kids, eat very well and use the litter box a lot! Favorite toy is the crinkle tunnel or feet under a blanket! Will be sending you another donation soon! Regards,

Victoria, Skyla, Scottie

Yeti Update! I just wanted to let you know that Yeti (I renamed him Jekyll) is doing very well and adjusting much more quickly than I had anticipated! He and my dog, Elmo, are getting along very well, as you can see in the pictures. Don't worry, I'm still supervising them together though and separate them when I'm not home. Thank you so much for everything!


Gus fka Noah Update! Thought you might like to see how Noah, now known as Angus or “Gus” as we call him is doing. He is a great cat. We live in the woods so he gets to watch lots of wildlife through the screen door, so life is good for him. Regards,


Whiskers, Atticus, and Audrey Update! We've been pretty busy with our trio! I'm sending you a few photos so you can see how great our new kitties are doing. Everything is going great -- all three kitties are getting along well. They love playing together and have kept us entertained since the first day we brought them home. We were going to change Audrey's name to "Scout" (Atticus Finch's daughter in "To Kill A Mockingbird"), but it just doesn't seem to fit her as well as Audrey, so we think we'll probably keep that name. We did, however, change "Whiskers to "Seamus" (pronounced "Shamus") because we just thought it fit him. He seems to like it fine. We're so happy with all three of our new kitties! They're full of energy, but when they settle down they're so sweet! After losing the last of our brood the Saturday before Christmas our house has been missing something, and we've now got it back. Thanks so much for your help in getting these three sweet balls of fur. Take care!

Kathy and Kevin

Bell and Jewell Update! Just wanted to share a photo of Jewel and Belle (we shortened her name from Tinkerbelle). Both are doing great. Thanks.


Max Update! I’ve been meaning to write just to let you know how well Diesel, renamed Max, is doing. He is a delightful kitty and made the adjustment to my house quite readily. By day 3, he and Musi were playing together. They now are together constantly. Two pics - one of Max in his favorite spot and one of them playing with their toy chipmunk — Musi whacks it under the furniture but is too big to go get it; Max willingly obliges. Thank you.

Judith V.

Sebastian fka Tiger Update! I thought you might enjoy seeing him (I have renamed him Sebastian) in his new home. He has changed from the very frightened kitty he was into a very friendly love bug! He is SO affectionate and loving. He is getting along great with my 2 other cats and dogs. I think he is a very happy boy, and I absolutely adore him. He truly is an angel kitty. All the best,


Maddy fka Tiger Lilly Update! My husband, Sing, and I have been thinking a lot of how grateful we are to have adopted Maddy (previously Tiger Lilly). She is a beautiful, energetic and loving kitten and is growing into a wonderful pet and companion. We attached some photos. Thanks so much!!

Katie W.

Savannah Update! I just wanted to check in and let you know that Savannah is doing great! As soon as we got her home and let her out of her carrier she was purring away - I think she was just so happy to be in a house! We have her set up in her room for now but she's been letting us know that she wants to venture out by banging against the door every so often ... she's taken herself on a full tour of the house a few times and was out all afternoon yesterday and seemed very happy about the carpet, rolling around on it and purring away. We had a couple friends over yesterday and she was thrilled to meet them. Her new favorite toy is shown in the attached picture. She's not so happy about the dogs (who are absolutely petrified of her), but I'm sure with time they'll get along just fine. Thanks so much for our new friend and for all that you do! Thanks again, Chrissy

Jack and Toby fka Diego and Tucker Update! Just wanted to get you an update on our newest addition - Diego! The kids have renamed him Jack and he couldn't possibly be more loved! The introduction to his big brother - Toby (fka Tucker) couldn't have gone better..I could barely keep them apart! Forget about a "safe room" and waiting a while - they wanted to meet! They instantly became best of friends - it's like they've always been together and it's only been three weeks! You've blessed our home twice now with the amazing work you do and I can't thank you enough for it! I've sent a couple pictures.....the first is Jack when he fell asleep the first night...oh, BOY was he tired!! And clearly already quite comfortable with us that first night to fall asleep in the middle of our bed with his belly right up in the air! Then I also sent you Toby and Jack's family photos (the kids get to take them and I figure my furry little boys are no different!) Thanks again - I can't give enough praise to you and the work you do through Willy's Kitty Angels - I would highly recommend you to anyone I know looking for an addition to their family! There was never a question in my mind after adopting Toby from you that you would be the place to go when the time was right for an addition! Lots of love, Sue

Penny Update! Love at first sight! Penny wanted u all to know she loves her new Memere and Meme loves her too!

Baby Blue Update! Shadow now weighs 4.3 pounds and just finished all his shots he's an eating Machine!!

Sadie Update! Lauren and I wanted to send a Happy Tails Update for our new kitten, Sadie. Sadie was one of the 4 kittens from the "coonies." She has tiger coloring but we can tell she definitely will be a big girl and more a Maine Coon-sized cat. Sadie spent the first week in the spare bedroom checking out the digs, and then had regular viewings through a double-high child barrier with her big sister, Sophie. After a couple days, Sadie figured out how to climb the barrier and we began having monitored visits. After another couple weeks she and her sister were starting to play with each other and were caught even taking a nap together. Now a few months later, Sadie is already the same size as her big sister! Sadie LOVES attention and MUST be in the same room as either her Mom or Dad. She is still afraid of going down the stairs to the basement but we are not in a rush since that is more her sister's hang-out area. Sadie is good about only eating her wet food but she does sometimes share with her sister's dry food. She also loves to hang out in bags/duffle bags/suitcases as she will immediately crawl into any open one; as well as lay on clothes/pillows while "helping out" with the laundry. Thank you for bringing Sadie into ours and Sophie's life. Sadie is a fun and cuddly one and a great little sister. Jeremy and Lauren L.

Sasha Update! I hope all is well with you. Look at this big-fat-happy Sasha! She is a wonderful cat and I adore her! Thank you do much for making it happen. Thanks so, Marie

Cocoa Crisp Update! Wanted to just send you a quick note letting you know that Cocoa Crisp has been a wonderful addition to our family!!!! He is such a loveable and playful boy and Brady just adores him and loves playing with him…..He follows us all over the house and sleeps with us at night…He loves all of his new toys and is just such a good boy!!! Thank you again for all of your assistance helping us adopt him!! We couldn’t be happier. Kristen H.

Thor and Loki Update! Oodle and Noodle (Thor and Loki) are doing very well. They spent two days in the bathroom and are now investigating the house and playing at night. They are eating and using the cat box. They are great additions to our family we love them lots!!! Thank you for letting us adopt them both we really appreciate it. Thanks again! Beth and Geoff D.

Smiley Update! I thought I would give you an update on Smiley and how is doing. He is a wonderful little boy whose finding his way and place quite nicely. There is some trepidation with regards to Pi, our dog. She tries to be very patient with him but when he scratches her face, she barks. However, never fear. Smiley’s protector is always nearby and at the ready to rescue. Our other rescue cat, Tig, just adores Smiley. There wasn’t one second of disagreement between the two of them. If Tig feels that Pi is a little too close to Smiley, he gets in her face and starts hisses and walking her backwards. If anyone picks up Smiley, Tig follows at your feet looking up at you as if to say “What are you doing with him?” They are often found lying next to each other, just hanging out. They go everywhere together and Smiley is often seen rubbing his head under Tig’s chin. But Smiley hasn’t just found a friend in Tig, everyone in the family loves him. He sits with my stepdaughter and plays dolls with her. He sleeps on all of the children’s beds. He follows my husband and I around when we get ready for work. I will try to get a good photo of the two of them together, so far they seem to see me coming and jump up when they see the camera! Thank you again for allowing Smiley into our family, Heather

Zoe and Cliff Update! Cliff (aka Harley) here. As you can see I have a new sister Zoe (aka Belle). She is adjusting very well. We love her. If she isn't by my side I become upset and cry for her. I clean her when she's feeling a bit lazy and discipline her when she's misbehaving. Thats what big brothers are for right?! We play from sunrise to sunset. Our parents couldn't be more thankful for caring for us before we found our forever home. Love, Cliff and Zoe

Callie Update! I just wanted to say thank you for making it possible to adopt Callie. She has been the perfect cat for us. From day one she has been so affectionate, she has such a great personality, and she is a very smart kitty. Ashley and I could not be happier with her. Within 10 minutes of having her home she was rolling over for belly rubs and purring like a little motor. I attached a pic of her on the first day home. Just wanted to give you an update and let let you know things are going great. Thanks again! Chuck and Ashley

Burton Update! Burton slept all night with my husband. I kept Freddie with me since he is a little upset and jealous being that he lost his best friend just two weeks ago and suddenly there is a new one. But I know he will get used to it. He is a very kind cat. We played with tons of toys last night and he went right in his bed. Then he crawled up with my husband. This morning we played some more. He runs like a madman. We have an up and down so he was a little scared of the top of the stairs at first but not for long. He keeps going up and down to get used to it. He is very sweet and purrs and purrs. Thank you, Joanne

Ferris and DJ Update! Ferris and DJ are doing wonderful. Ferris is growing so fast. I love both of them. Monica

Frazier Update! Frazier aka Tuukka is loving his new big sister and is growing in leaps and bounds! He is a lover boy one minute and super frisky the next. We love him!!! Thanks again, Alison M.

Pecan Update! Pecan is doing so much better, he is like a new kitty. He eats like a horse, he is incredibly active and playful, he has groomed himself non-stop so his fur is bright white and fluffy and he is just a complete joy. We finally get to see his real personality (and he’s a little crazy – definitely get to see a sign of his youth now). He just jumps from person to person to person in the house, like he can’t decide who he wants to be with and wants to keep everyone happy. He follows me from room to room in the morning – he is just wonderful. He “meows” when he knows he has done something wrong, like knock the flower pot over! We renamed him Guinness. Lisa

Frazier Update! Tuukka, the kitten formerly known as Frazier, is doing great! He is so sweet and purrs all the time, even when he sleeps. He and our older cat are getting along great, lots of playing and sneak attacks. After a couple of days of corrections, he no longer nips at our fingers. He is a perfect fit for our family, it feels like he has been here for ever. I'll send a picture soon. Thanks! Matt & Ali

Mittens Update! Mittens, now Lilian is doing wonderfully. Our cats are getting along great and are excited to have a new buddy. She is so sweet and loving and we love her very much. Attached you will find some pictures of our cats! Meow, Beth S.

PJ Update! After day one PJ is doing wonderful. She is eating, drinking and using her litter box and purring up a storm. She is still a little shy around our son but loves when he plays with her. They are not best friends yet but I can tell they will be. Thank you again for our PJ she is a wonderful addition to our family!!!

Cloud Update! Just thought I'd pass on another picture of Cloud. He is such a happy and playful guy. He has fit in perfectly. Michele

R.C. Update! R.C. has done wonderfully with us. Originally when we brought him home, we kept him in our bathroom to allow him time to adjust. Well that lasted about 24 hours. He definitely didn't want to be left alone. We introduced him to our other cat, Lucy (a 2 year old female) and although he was thrilled to have a friend, she took a little longer to warm up to him. But now, they've become very good friends. R.C. is definitely a cuddle bug. I was surprised when I sat on the couch one day and he crawled up to curl up against my neck. I've had lap cats before, but never one that wanted to snuggle face to face! He really is an absolute love. I have attached a picture of him and our cat Lucy curled up on the couch. Thank you for all that you do for these wonderful cats!


Leo Update! Just wanted to let you know that Leo is doing great. He has adjusted well and is all settled in. I attached some pictures. As you can see he is more than comfortable. He is such a great cat. We love him very much. Thank you and we wish you all the best. Patty and Michael

Sprinkles and Cinderblock Update! Hello from Sprinkles & Cinderblock - We are both completely adjusted to each other and couldn't be happier! We have become the best of friends! At night we like to snuggle up against each other. Sprinkles likes to bring all her mouse toys and Mom's hair elastics to bed with her. Block loves to chase her around the house. We love to play in our crinkle shoot that our parents got for us! Thanks for everything! Love, Sprinkles & Block

Edward and Jacob Update! I wanted to let you know that the little black furry gentlemen are doing very well, eating everything in sight and playing with much enthusiasm (we can tell by what their rooms look like in the morning!). Edward (now known as Duke) has been working on his purr, and is a champion cuddler. Jacob (now known as Ziggy) has become much more adventurous...he actually went to the food bowl last night when I was in the same room, a first. I'll be bringing both boys to the vet next week for Ziggy's booster shot and an overall look-see. Thank you again for your generosity with both information and goodies! You did a wonderful job preparing these guys for their new, forever home! We LOVE THEM!!! Joanne
P.S. -- The cats' names are thanks to David Bowie -- we're all fans in our family -- Ziggy because he is so bouffant, Duke because he is slender and shiny (like Bowie's persona from the 70s, The Thin White Duke).

Parkey Update! Parkay was the PUR-FECT FIT! His name is now Sparky. He is so much fun, the kids and us just love him. I can't get over what a great kitten he is! We are doing well with introductions with Zak. Very pleased! Thanks!


Wednesday and Pugsley Update! Here is the princess aka Wednesday! She is such a love! Here is Pugsley in our living room. He is settling in nicely and racing all over the place.

Grady fka Cheetos Update! I adopted "Cheetos" on 1/14/12 and wanted to let you know how he was doing since I saw other updates in Happy Tails from two kitties that were adopted the same day! We have renamed him "Grady" and outfitted him with a green collar to match his orange fur to make him fully Irish like us! He is an absolute joy and we are just so in love with him. He is helping to mend our broken hearts after losing our 19 yr old boy earlier this month. Grady is super curious, loves to run around the house, play with his stuffed fish toys and is a total cuddle-bug. He seems to split his time between my husband and I to keep the love "even"! I've attached a picture of Grady lounging in the family room after an exhausting day of playing!


Ms. Evie and Ms. Rainbow Update! I just wanted to let you know that the kitties appear to be quite happy in their new home! they got the run of the house monday morning and have been exploring since. (actually, i think they have already explored every inch, now they want to go "beyond the doors"). you would think three floors would be enough for the little buggers!!! well, that's all they are getting! they are such good kitties!!! still establishing territories, they are rubbing up against each other at times, then swatting, hissing and chasing each other around the house at other times. silly girls!!! evie loves to hear the crinkle of plastic grocery bags, but seems to want to eat them, so we have to hide them on her! rainbow is a great mouser and fiercely attacks her fishing pole toy and the new toys with everything she's got! we just love the girls and are so happy we came to meet them on saturday! thank you so much for all of your help and for taking such good care of them until we found each other!

take care, tracey c.

Tucker Update! I just wanted to give you another update on Tucker (and a picture down below) He is AMAZING! I can't believe it's only been about 2 1/2 weeks since we got him because we are all so in love with him....it's like he's been with us forever!!! He is most attached to me and my daughter at this point (she is the oldest of my kids and babies him just as much as I do so he knows right where to go for his loving!!) This morning he was following me like he wanted to come right out the door with me to work so I had to put him upstairs so I could get out..my husband said he looked like he was pouting and the next thing he knew Tucker had gone upstairs and climbed into my bathroom sink (we have a his and hers sink in our bathroom and he managed to get into mine) and there he sits...waiting for me to come home evidentally!! He's such a silly monkey and has brought so many giggles and so much happiness to my kids which makes me very happy as well!! I'm still working on Tucker and my other kitty, Angel...she's 14 if you remember correctly and not much in the mood at this point for goofing around...she pretty much wants a warm spot in the sun for a nice long nap, a good meal and some loving to cap off her day...and that's it....Tucker's such a silly boy and the kitten in him can't resist when she tries to zoom by him.....he seems to think she's playing and starts to run right along after her, which Angel of course whips right around and growls/hisses like she thinks he's chasing her to attack.....clearly they're not in the same zone at this point, but she'll at least relax enough to sleep on the opposite end of the bed from him..it's all a work in progress! That's all...just wanted to let you know all is well...his eye is still drippy from time to time but doesn't seem to get any worse or change in symptoms at all so I don't believe it's anything to worry about at this point...I just help him clean it when he needs it to keep his face handsome. Thanks again!!

Sue S.

Taffy Update! Here's a picture taken one night while Taffy and I were relaxing on the couch, she likes to lay on her back next to us whenever we're sitting around hanging out. She's still a love bug! She fits in well with the household and my brother and father have absolutely fallen in love with her. Thank you so much for taking good care of her before I was able to bring her home! Amberley H.

Inky Update! Hi Willy's....this is Inky and I wanted to let you know how good I am doing in my new home. I am living the good life! My adoptive parents give me lots of love and attention. I have a big cat condo and many new toys, my favorite being anything with string! Play play play is my motto! When I am not playing, I like to lay in the sun and relax. They even figured out I love belly rubs! I lay on my back, get a belly rub then I give many kisses, works out great for me! I am really doing good and wanted to thank you for giving me a good head start in life!

P.S. Thank you Maryellen! We love Inky so much, he is a total love bug! He is doing wonderful, it's like he's lived here forever. He sleeps right in-between us every night and has the softest and cutest meow we have ever heard! Thanks for what you do, we couldn't be happier! Thanks again, we'll keep in touch! Laurie & Mark

Oliver fka Eli Update! Here is little Eli, happy as a clam! His new name is Oliver.


Cody fka Luke Update! Luke update! Now known as Cody (brother to Luna and son of Cheyenne) is the sweetest kitty ever! He has sparked the "kitten" in our 9-yr-old cat, Sam, and has been the perfect addition to our family. We love him :) . Thank you for the great work you do!

Joy A.

Cliff aka Harley Update! Hi Willy's. My name is Cliff, aka Harley. My adoptive parents adore me; they show me lots of love and attention. I love my new home; I have so much room to run around and play! My favorite toy is my mouse that is filled w/ cat nip- I could play w/ him for hours. I have accumulated many toys over the past few weeks-- so many that I actually have my own toybox! Ive become very vocal- I love to talk. Thank you so much for taking me in and taking care of me because if you didnt who knows where I would have been. I hope that you enjoy my pictures! Take care!

Love, Cliff

Norma Ray Update! Norma Ray enjoys her new home!

Shadow Update! Just giving you an update on my baby Shadow. He's been w/ me for 1 month now and he is absolutely the sweetest kitten. The name you gave him is very fitting as although he is gray, he follow me everywhere I go. He's my Shadow!! I love him so much and he is unbelievably well behaved and a real snuggle bug since the day he came home with me. The first night I had him he followed me into bed and snuggled up until morning. He wakes me up with a paw on my face! Thank you so much for letting me meet him!

Pumpkin and Penelope Update! It was nice talking to you last week. We have decided to just let good enough alone and not add another cat. I hope you find a good home for Shadow. I have enclosed a few pictures of Pumpkin and Penelope for you to see. Take care, Barbara C.

Lucy Update! I just wanted to let you know Lucy has adjusted very well here. She's a wonderful little girl and my parents and I love her! I'm very glad that you showed her to me, she's the perfect fit for our family. We decided to keep her name because it's so fitting. Thanks so much for everything that you've done and helping me adopt her. She loves it here and she's even found her favorite spot, my bed of course. Take care and have a happy 4th of July! Thanks again! Hayley

Luna Update! I just want to thank you so much! Luna is possibly the best kitten we could have gotten for our family. I took a while and met with many cats before deciding. With 2 little kids I was worried and wanted a family friendly cat. AND BOY did we get that with Luna! She is beyond good with my 2 kids (ages 5 and 1). At first I was worried she was purring too much! But the vet told us she was just very content and happy. My 1 year son picks her up and she is so gentle with him, even when he is not so gentle with her (which he has improved!). She sleeps in bed with my daughter almost every night and they absolutely love each other it is so cute! She meows and talks to us all the time. I am so happy with Luna! I don't think I can say it enough. She is absolutely the best choice for our family! Thank you again soo much! Alyson D.

Ringo Update! Not totally sure about his name yet….But he’s clearly very shy and will need some time adjusting to our house, HAHA!

Cheyenne Update! Annie is fitting in just fine, she took to our home very fast and responds to both of us. The first few days ate less then normal but after 3 days ate more regular and is now eating 8-9 oz per day. I think it was the friskes wet she did not like but when we changed to pro plan she ate that. Sleeps with us in bed or wherever else she wants, plays with me and follows Moe around, watch's the birds in window sills , Moe is a bird watcher we have lots of feeders including humming birds and orioles in yard. Took her to Dr roger yesterday and he gave her a booster checked her toes, ears heart and body physical and said as long as she does not limp or it bothers her toes she should do just fine, and he showed us how to trim her nails and she let us no problem. Thanks again will recommend you to anyone how wants to adopt. Paul M.

Gabby and Sketch Update! I just wanted to give you an update on Gabby and Sketch. It was a rocky start, Gabby was a little put off wondering who this new cat was and where he came from. Sketch was a little nervous at first too. You could often watch him do a stealthy, army crawl around the house until he came to know and understand his new surroundings. But we took it slow giving them time apart to sniff each other's belongings. It wasn’t long though before they became best friends. Currently, they are doing wonderful, constantly cuddling and playing with one another. Sketch will often whine if he can’t find Gabby. They love to chase each other around the house and they both love to get plenty of attention. In our living room, we have dubbed the chair as Gabby’s throne and the love seat as Sketch’s throne because you can always find them laying there. Gabby no longer has a shy bone in her body. She loves to be wherever we are. Currently, she is sitting on the desk next to my laptop as I write this. We have also decided that there is a dog trapped inside of Sketch’s body because we sometimes find him chewing on our shoes. They are both characters and we are glad that they are a part of our family now. Every time we drive out to Petsmart to pick up something for the cats we always make sure to stop by and take a look at the cats for adoption. We find it so relieving when we go and different cats are there because we know the others have found their forever homes. For example, just last night we were there and we were happy to see that Princess was no longer there. We had felt so guilty that we took her friend away but now we know she must be happy with her new family. I am sure those new kittens, Ringo, George, and Paul won’t be there for long either. They are too precious to pass up. If Albie would let me, I would try to take them all home. Hope your weekend is going well. Sincerely, Amy F.

Bella Update! I have to say I can't imagine a time when she wasn't a part of our family. She definitely runs the house. Though shy and timid at first, Bella's personality has shown to be dominate in the chaos of our family. She tends to follow routines like a dog which is ironic since my husband is a 'dog' person. She plays fetch, greets us when we come home, usually she is in the window watching for us, she has even taken to bossing the kids around! Thank you for making her a part of our family.

Little BearLittle Bear Update! Little Bear is doing great. He loves to be around people. He is a mamas boy everywhere I am he is sure to be. He loves to play with the kids zuzu pets. He also enjoys sitting in the window listening to all the sounds. He is up to 7 pounds now and still growing. He greets us at the door everyday. He is a part of our family and we all love him so much. Thank you all for everything. With lots of love,

Corinne, Ryan, Alyson, and Coner

EliEli Update! Here he is Mary Ellen. What an absolute love he is. I just can't get over how fortunate Mark & I are to have been blessed with him. Thank you so very, very much!! We are forever grateful to you! Kimberly

Chelsie and Chaz - A Rescue Story

ChelsieChazFriday afternoon we got a call about a friendly young female who turned up on the rear deck of a house in the woods in Uxbridge. When I went to pick her up, she was a pretty, sweet friendly young female cow kitty. As we were walking to the car, a young orange and while male cat came out of the woods and meowed at me....asking if I could take him too. Luckily I had an extra carrier for this sweet young orange and white boy.

Off to the vet we went for check ups, combo tests, rabies and distemper shots. It is obvious these beautiful, young cats were once owned, and dumped in the woods by a heartless person. Lucky for them we were called to prevent them from being coyotte food.

Please meet the newest members of Willy's family, Chelsie and Chaz. Our rescue veterinarian, Blackstone Valley Animal Hospital neutered Chaz on short notice, and both are resting and eating, and eating AND eating in their foster home. Both will be available for adoption in the future, once we get to know them. Chelsie and Chaz would like to thank good samaratin Joe for calling Willy's for help. WELCOME CHELSIE AND CHAZ !

Gabby Update! Gabby is doing so great. It is like she has always lived here and been a member of the family. She is very outgoing and loves attention. She is so curious when any new box comes into the house that she makes sure to go inside to explore. She loves chasing her balls all around the house and she likes to hide her toy mice everywhere including the bathroom. I am so glad we were able to give her the forever home she deserves. Everyday her personality blossoms more and I can understand why all the volunteers miss having her around.

Lilly Update! Lilly is doing so well I am completely amazed. I thought it would take her a while to adjust and adapt to her new home but she has really made herself quite comfortable. She is wonderful with people and is a sweet, smart, and funny little girl! You were right……we are a perfect match and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much for taking the time to rescue her, she now has a place she can happily call home! Pam

Pepper Update! Thanks for calling to check in on Pepper. He is a joy and we just adore him. I wanted to share a couple of pictures with you! Thanks again! Shannon L.

Tabatha and Lizzie Update! The kittens are doing great. They are running all over the house now. They like to sit with us when we're on the sofa. Very happy! Thank you! Nikki

Coal Update! Here is Coal and Cocoa. Coal is great! Very friendly and adjusted easily. We are still thinking about her name though; maybe Lucy or Cleo. Cocoa has a new friend to entertain her! We will keep in touch. Thanks, Michelle

Trixie Update! I am so happy with Trixie she is our baby and is spoiled rotten. She has grown up to be a pretty girl and is so playful.Thanks so much! Joann

Asher Update! We are so happy to have him! He's such a great cat!

Milo and McGee! My parents recently adopted Milo and McGee. As I'm sure you know, they're a llittle on the shy side. But I wanted you to know that they're doing really well. They've become very playful and outgoing. I have a 4 yo dog that is staying at my parents house with me. Our last cat was 21 yo when she finally just passed. She and my dog Trigger got along really well considering she never lived with a dog in her entire life. Trigger had never lived with any cats either. But he is a sweet and gentle animal. So I wanted to send you guys the pictures and movie of them all interacting. This way you could see how happy they are and know how well they're doing. I'm sure you must love them too, especially since you rescued them, and nursed them back to health. Thank you for bringing these cats into my families' lives. We are much happier with them here. Thanks, Heidi D.

Troy and Gracie Update! Just wanted to send an update on Troy and Gracie. Troy is exactly as described on the website, very playful, well behaved and craves lots of love. He has been my "little shadow" since I brought him home. He has gained two pounds since he came home on 12/23/10, and still growing everyday. He's very lovable, my constant companion. Gracie is the sweetest little girl ever! She loves to play, with me, Troy, or just with her favorite toy(s). She has found a place to hide them where Troy can't get at them, he's too big to fit. She only keeps her favorite one or two there and brings them out to play, then puts them back out of Troy's reach when she's done. She is a love bug, she enjoys sitting on my lap and being patted during her down time. He favorite bed is between the pillows on my bed. I wake up most mornings to her purring. I find myself smiling every night on my way home from work, they are great and we are all very happy. Thank you for giving me the best gift I could ever wish for. Joyce

Lambrick (fka Calvin) Update! Lambick is doing very well. It didn't take him long to explore his new home. Here are some a photos of him on Christmas Eve. As you can see someone was up all night with all the excitement. He even got into his presents early and played until the wee hours of Christmas morning. He loves to play with his mice and crunchy balls, but best of all he loves to snuggle on the bed each night.

Lucy Lou and Socks Update! I just wanted to say that we've had this brother and sister team home with us since Saturday, and they are loving the romping room and playing together. Laurie and I love them and they are bringing much joy. It's great to watch them take over the house and they like cuddling on the sofa with us in the evening. Both are very happy little playful kitties in our household! Ray

Hobbes fka Diego Happy in His New Home!

I just wanted to let you know that so far, things are going better than I expected , which I believe is due to Hobbes (aka Diego) personality. Now I just have to work on the screen climbing.... Robyn F.

Maxwell Silverman has been ADOPTED!

Here is his rescue story...

Maxwell Silverman was abandoned with an injured foot last month, and picked up by Webster Animal Control. He was walking on three legs because he could not bear any weight on his left rear foot. Maxwell was left behind with an infected back foot on the left side, and an infection in one of his right rear toe nails. We took Maxwell to our rescue vet, VCA Blackstone Valley Animal Hospital for treatment. A week after his rescue, Maxwell was doing much better and is anxious to get out of his cage and make new friends.

Maxwell Silverman is a very handsome, distinguished fellow who will be looking for his forever home soon. He is mostly black, with some white...and beautiful white whiskers. Max is an older guy, around 5 to 6 years old, very mellow and quite the ladies man...he gives awesome hugs ! Max has been neutered, tested neg/neg for FIV and Leukemia, and received his rabies and distemper shots.

If you would like to donate money towards Maxwells vet bill, you can use the PayPal link here on the website or mail it to PO Box 222, N. Uxbridge, MA 01538.

Elliot's first Christmas at Home!

A Note from Elliot's new Mom: Thought you might like to see how Simon (fka Elliot) spent his Christmas! He got a nice, new bed to sleep on and his own tent! Happy New Year! Michelle M.

Elliot's Story: Elliot was rescued from the streets of Dudley in the Stevens Mill area in June, he was 4 months old. A Willy's Kitty Angels volunteer in the area saw him going door to door looking for food. After checking with neighbors in the area, it was determined he did not have a home. Elliot went into foster care to prepare him for his forever home, and to receive his vetting. On Saturday November 14th, a wonderful loving family met Elliot at PetSmart in Millbury and HE decided they were the family for him. I hope they have lots of those holey plastic golf balls for him!

Now Elliot has a wonderful life!

Zena's Rescue

Zena Before Surgery



Zena After Surgery
Now Ready for Adoption!

Late on a Sunday evening we received a call from New Hampshire, a family member was calling for their elderly parent to report an injured stray cat in their yard in Dudley. The cat was wearing a flea collar and while trying to get it off, their right front leg went thru the collar. The next day we went to the home to set a hav-a-hart trap. Finally on Tuesday "Zena" was in the trap. She was badly injured under her leg and had a huge wound from the flea collar rubbing into the skin. Upon rescue, the flea collar was removed and she was taken to the vet. Zena required extensive surgery to repair the damage done. The wound measured 7 1/2 inches from the front of her chest, under her leg, to the back of her leg. Zena, a 5-6 month old black tortoise shell, recovered quickly and loves being inside.

Zena is just one of the many stray cats and kittens helped by Willy's Kitty Angels Rescue this year. The people who found Zena called several others for help, but no one called back. Zena is a 5-6 month old sweet loving lap kitty looking for her forever home.

Zena's surgery alone was $265.00, her antibiotics to prevent infection were $45.00, her spay, rabies and distemper shots, and combo test cost $125.00. $425.00 total cost to help Zena. You cannot put a price on a life, if we were not here to help Zena, who would have?

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help us cover the cost of Zena's care. Donations may be made through the PayPal button on the home page or mailed to: Willy's Kitty Angels Rescue, P.O. Box 222, N. Uxbridge, MA 01538. Willy's and Zena thank you!

Tiger and Spitfire

They are all doing well! I have been so pleased with these cats! They've added such a light and joy. Thank you! Lauren
Hank and Tigger
Suzie Q

More Happy Tails...

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