About Willy's Kitty Angels Rescue, Inc.

Willy's Kitty Angels Rescue, Inc. has been working in South Central Worcester County since 2005. Since our organization began, we have trapped 350 (and counting) feral and stray cats utilizing free Feral Spay Sunday Clinics to help control the cat population. Countless other cats, kittens, sick stray and feral cats have been helped by Willy's Kitty Angels Rescue, Inc. 

Our work has been supported by the community and our volunteers, we do not have a specific benefactor for monetary support. On March 18th 2009, the IRS granted us 501c3 non profit status.

Please browse through our web site for a listing of our adoptable cats and check out our wonderful happy tails pictures. Thank you for your support.

Willy's Kitty Angels Rescue, Inc. is dedicated to helping stray and feral cats by:
  • Utilizing TNR (trap-neuter-release) to control overpopulation
  • Placement of kittens and their moms into loving forever homes
  • Providing medical help for sick stray and feral cats
  • Educating the public on safe and humane ways to co-exist with stray and feral cats
  • Helping caretakers of cat “colonies” by providing food and support
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